Baggine Machines

Bagging Machine Ranges

Controls Upgrades

We offer controls upgrades consisting of the trade legal Bran+Luebbe SWA2000C bagging machine controller plus full interfacing pack for the following bagging machines:

  • T.A.Shore T160 bagger
  • Chronos Richardson EE50 / SPEEDACC Series.
  • Richard Simon EPG / HSP / COMPUTAPAK Series.
Bagging Machines

All Tascol bagging machines are legal for trade use.

Available with either gravity, belt, screw or vibratory feeders to handle a wide range of products.

The bagging machine groups to the left ascend in terms of speed, sophistication, and control systems, and therefore costs. Please select the title for more information about each product.

Information we will need from you

We require the following information in order to fully understand your requirements and provide a quotation for the correct bagging machinery:

  • Material(s) to be weighed.
  • Bulk density when loosely packed.
  • Particle size of material(s).
  • Maximum and minimum weights to be filled into bags.
  • Throughput required in TPH or bags per minute.
  • Size and type of bags to be filled, measured flat.
  • Are any special materials of construction required? (or coatings)?
  • Approximate headroom available.

Mechanical Upgrades

Full mechanical upgrades are available for obsolete bagging machines to include high speed weigh hopper, load cells and mounts, plant wiring, and pneumatics.

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