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TA436 Belt Weigher Controller

A microprocessor based integrator conditions loadcell and belt speed signals to generate and indicate outputs of rate (TPH) and total weight conveyed (Tonnes or kg). Calibration data is interrogated by and fed into the integrator.

This information is password protected. A standard 4 to 20 mA output and other optional serial / data outputs are available for communicating with other instrumentation and equipment.

Belt Weighing

Belt Weighing up to 4,000 TPH

The Tascol Shore Engineering range of belt weighers has been developed to monitor the rate of flow of bulk products as they are transported along belt conveyors. The design of the weight collection system ensures that very small changes in weight are readily detected (1:10000 of the loadcell capacity). This feature removes the necessity to back balance the tare weight for low capacity or low weight applications.

High accuracy can be achieved with single idler weigher for the majority of applications. Multi idler weighers may still be required for fast moving belts where the conveyor belt is very stiff due to either steep troughing angles on the wing rollers and belt thickness or a combination of both.

Single Idler Belt Weigher

A weight collection assembly incorporating one electronic bending beam loadcell supports a conveyor idler. Two loadcells are recommended on conveyor widths of 1400mm or greater, up to a maximum belt width of 2,000mm . The weight collection assembly bolts direct to the conveyor stringers giving the following benefits. Accuracy ±1.0%.

  • Removes the requirements for lever systems, knife-edges, bearings and pivots.
  • The units require no additional headroom.

Double Idler Belt Weigher

Two single idler weighers, situated next to each other. The effective weigh length is doubled ensuring high accuracy on applications where an accuracy of better than ±0.5% is required.

Belt Weigher Videos

1.Belt Weigher (Double Idler) for Coal.

2. Belt Weigher Controller Running Screen Display

3. Belt Weigher on Test with Two Remote Displays.

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