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Continuous Weighing Product Range

Tascol Shore Engineering manufacture a range of the following machines:

  • Weigh Belt Feeders from 50 Kg/H to 1,250 TPH.
  • Loss-in-Weight Belt and Screw Feeders, Loss-in-Weight Belt and Screw Feeders.
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Continuous Weighing

Continuous Weighing Machines

Please contact us directly with an enquiry for a continuous weighing application.

The following information will help us to specify the correct equipment:

  • Material to be handled.
  • Bulk density.
  • Minimum and maximum flow rates.
  • Accuracy required.
  • Special contact parts or materials of construction.
  • Basic machine dimensions (if applicable).
  • Outputs or data required from the feeder controller into the client’s PC or PLC.

These products are engineered to suit the customer’s requirements. However, the principles used are based on sound and well proven engineering principles.

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