Control Systems

Electronic Controllers

Proprietary electronic controllers for bagging and continuous weighing applications are listed below:

  • Bran+Luebbe SWA2000C Bagging Machine Controller.
  • Avery Weigh-Tronix E1105 Bagging Machine Controller.
  • Practicon Control Systems PR436, PR444, PR446 & PR448 Belt Weighing, Continuous Weighing, and Throughput Weighing Controllers.


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Control Systems

Bagging Machine Controllers, Belt Weighing, Continuous Weighing, and Throughput Weighing Controllers.

Controllers are incorporated into the design of the weighing system, and fitted into an IP65 panel with door mounted isolator, transformer, safety relay, circuit breakers, inverter, motor starters & overloads, and indication / switches as required.

Panels are built in accordance with IEE guidelines and tested with the mechanics at our premises using the client’s or our own test product.

PLC programming is carried out in-house when there are non-standard interface requirements for a control system e.g. two bagging controllers carrying out a blending function, or extra plant control during the weighing cycle.

Production from all our control systems can be exported into the client’s PC or PLC via Serial Transmission, Analogue Rate Signals, Profibus and Data Highway protocols. Please enquire for full details.

We offer controls upgrades consisting of the trade legal Bran+Luebbe SWA2000C bagging machine controller plus full interfacing pack for the following bagging machines:

  • T.A.Shore T160 bagger (also full mechanical upgrades for this model).
  • Chronos Richardson EE50 / SPEEDACC Series.
  • Richard Simon EPG / HSP / COMPUTAPAK Series.

Control Systems Video

1. Bran+Luebbe SWA2000C Electronic Bagging Machine Controller.

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