Tascol Shore Engineering
  • Bagging Machines
  • Complete range of manual to fully automatic trade legal bag filling equipment from 0.5kg to 100kg. FIBC filling.
  • Belt Weighing
  • Single and double idler load cell belt weighers.
  • Throughput Weighing
  • Intake, outloading and process measurement weighing systems.
  • Large Weigh Hoppers & Dump Hoppers
  • Weighed and non-weighed mixer feed vessels up to 4,000kg capacity.
  • Continuous Weighing Machines
  • Complete range of belt and screw weigh feeders, loss in weight systems, volumetric feeders, and constant rate feeding.
  • Bespoke Engineering Services & Projects
  • Unique weighing and feeding problem solving engineered to suit customer requirements.
  • Control Systems
  • High speed micro controller and PLC solutions for bagging machines, belt weighers and process control equipment.
  • Planned Maintenance & Spares
  • Comprehensive support systems and traceable documentation for your equipment.
  • Suppliers of Loose & Bagged Products
  • Various feeds, coarse rations and base products for farming and agriculture
Tascol Shore Engineering Ltd


For the following Industries and Applications:

Pet Food

Bagging machinery for pet food and bird seed manufacturers. Blending systems for pet foods. Small retail and taster pack bagging machines for various cat and dog foods.

Suppliers of loose and bagged pet foods.

Food and Confectionery

Bagging machines for flour, oats, milk powders and food coatings. Loss in weight weighing for sugar, cocoa and chocolate. Mixer feed systems for cereals and oils.


Belt weighers for recycled glass and processed waste material. FIBC bagging for recycled plastic bottles.


Animal feed batching and proportioning of supplements and additives. Bagging machines for pellets and coarse rations.

Suppliers of loose and bagged animal feeds, game and grower feeds and vitamin premixes.

Quarrying, Aggregates & Mining

Continuous and loss in weight weighing. High speed bagging of sand, ballast, pea shingle and gravel.

Grain and Seed

Grain weighing for intake, distribution and outloading. Malt and Barley inventory and weighing to process. Malt and Adjunct Blending.

Suppliers of loose and bagged wheat, barley and malt.


Intake and Shipping. Product Proportioning and Blending. Inventory Weighing. Bagging machines.


Bagging machinery for bio-fuel wood pellets. Throughput weighing and continuous weighing at refineries and power stations.

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