Planned maintenance
Planned Maintenance and Spares

Planned Maintenance

Looking after your machine after initial commissioning is important to every end user. Tascol Shore Engineering have a full after sales service for preventative maintenance visits and a full spares inventory, many of which are held in stock.

  • Our competitive preventative maintenance contract visits are between once and four times per year depending on the usage of the machine.
  • Having a regular preventative maintenance contract offers the following benefits:
  • Your equipment will be properly maintained, more accurate and less likely to breakdown.
  • You will receive free telephone support from Tascol Shore Engineering Ltd.
  • You will receive preferential treatment over non-contract holders in the event of a breakdown, and we also guarantee that from the time you request a site visit we will be on site within 24 hours.
  • You will have calibration sheets and quality documents for your in-house Quality Control after every visit.
  • You will receive reduced rates for other site visits or extra equipment.

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